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Get ready to experience a burst of energy and focus during your workouts, with a delicious and refreshing strawberry beet taste. Our pre-workout powder uses green tea extract as the caffeine source, an effective ingredient that provides a clean energy boost! 20 individually wrapped servings per order. 

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"Awesome for workouts, endurance activities, or just beating the afternoon slump!"

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Caffeinated with Green Tea Extract for a Boost

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Key Ingredients

Organic Beets

From our certified organic farm in combination with fermented beets to provide a natural source of nitrates.

Green-Tea Extract

Provides a plant-based source of caffeine from green tea extract that helps support mental focus and energy levels.

Organic Quinoa sprouts

Source of B-vitamins to support energy metabolism.

Mushroom Super Blend

Cordyceps has been used for centuries in traditional Tibetan medicine for strength and vitality

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What our customers are saying

  • Would recommend
    "I love the single servings and how it leaves me feeling energized with no jitters or a post caffeine crash. It also tastes really good."

    Tony W, Customer since June 2022

  • Energized
    "POSSIBLE Beet Pre-work out has a much better flavor than other pre-workouts on the market. Love that there are no added sugars. Excited to have a new product to add to my workout routine."

    Sarah, Customer since July 2022

  • Best Pre-workout yet
    "The flavor is delicious and proves a much more balanced boost than other pre-workouts I've tried."

    Adam H., Customer Since August 2022

  • This is a great afternoon coffee replacement! Perfect for the mid day slump.

    Benny W, Customer Since Jan 2023